Troopers Poetry

How C Troop Spelled

Of Camp Supply, decades ago, when Trader reigned as King,And dear old “Jakey” was “K.O.”–these are the times I sing.By order every man was told to choose a decent nameFor his respective mount–it seemed a very easy game;


Pressing here my mossy pillow, Forms that moulder ‘neath the willow, Forms that sleep beneath the billow, Flit and frolic round me now; Banishing all thought of mourning, All my dreams with joy adorning, May they tarry till the morning Ere they breathe their “Hough!” “Hough!” boys, “Hough!”–“Hough!” boys, “Hough!” Let the soldier’s toast be …

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The following versus are based upon a real occurrence from the 2nd Cavalry. Friday evening, after stables, the sergeant passed the wordThat inspection would be mounted, such a “roaring” as was heard,For the captain was a “corker.” When he looked you in the eye,You’ ld wish you were a “doughboy,” if he asked the reason …

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A Bum Bugler

A bugler once tried to bugle “Tatoo.”The bugle was old, but the bugler was new;The troops were encamped in a wild sylvan glade,And the echoes played tag with the discord it made.

Second Cavalry Song

T’was in eighteen hundred and thirty-six,That we fought in the Everglades;When we showed the Seminole the trick,That from mem’ry never fades;We’ve been in many a fight since then,For t’is there that we belong;So we’ve got the right that we earned as men,To sing the Regiment’s song.

A Song of the Cavalry – Frances Bartlett

Up and to horse, as the kiss of mornReddens the cheek of the skyAnd her sweet breath blows through the aisles of the corn,And the pulse of youth beats high!Up and away in the cool clear air,Life worth living, and all things fair,Clickity-click-click-“clickity-click-“And it’ s oh for the Cavalry!