Regimental Customs and Traditions

Regimental Standard and Troop guidons

The organizational flag of a mounted unit has traditionally been referred to as the “standard”, as opposed to the “colors”, which are carried by dismounted units. The regimental standard (this one from the 1880’s) is the single most visible symbolic representation of the regiment. The standard and its accompanying set of national colors are displayed …

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Regimental Decorations And Campaigns

DECORATIONS Presidential Unit Citation (Army) Streamer embroidered BASTOGNE (2d Tank Battalion cited; WD GO 17, 1945). Presidential Unit Citation (Army) Streamer embroidered IRAQ (2nd Cavalry Regiment and attached units cited for extraordinary heroism, valor and gallantry during the period 6 April 2003 to 15 June 2004). BY VIRTUE OF THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME AS …

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Regimental Formals

Regimental Formals are held twice each year and include a ball and a dining-in. As at any other Regimental function, the Regimental standard is present and the Regimental Command Sergeant Major is in charge of the posting and retirement. This also gives the opportunity for the mixing of the Regimental Punch.

Regimental March

The official Regimental March is “In the Second Cavalry” dating from at least 1900 and compares life in the Cavalry to the other branches. Sergeant Jack Leonard, who served with the Regiment during the 1880′ s, supplied a chorus. The tune is from the old song “Crambambuli”….

Regimental Terms

It is customary for the Regimental Commander to sign all correspondence within the Dragoon Battle Group and affiliations such as the 2d Cavalry Association in such a manner as to indicate his number in chronological succession of command, e.g. “68th Colonel of the Regiment”.