Desert Storm 1990-1991

Line In The Sand

On 8 November 1990, the Second ACR was in the process of redefining its post-Cold War mission when it was alerted for deployment to Saudi Arabia. On 11 November, what had been VII Corps’ initial instructions to “move no earlier than 20 November” became “begin movement tomorrow.”

Desert Storm, a day by day history

“Congratulations on your superb combat performance…You met every requirement of our mission and accomplished everything expected of you by the nation, the Army and the Corps. Few units could have done what you did; nobody could have done it better.”L.D. Holder65th Colonel of the Regiment1 March 1991 INTRODUCTION When Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, directed …

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G-1, Saturday, 23 February 1991

After maintaining radio silence throughout the covering operation, Regimental nets opened at 1310 hours. This was the start of operations, the first wartime or combat operation conducted by the Regiment since May 1945. At 1330 the 210th FA Brigade fired a nine-minute artillery prep with two 155 battalions, an MLRS battery and the Regiment’ s …

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G-Day, Sunday, 24 February 1991

The original plan for this day called for the Regiment to rake a Limited advance to PL BUSCH and hold there until G+1, while Marines and allied forces attacked into Kuwait. As coalition forces attacked across the front, however, resistance began folding and Iraqi forces surrendered in large numbers. The success of coalition attacks accelerated …

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The Regiment spent the next weeks in Kuwait backing up the rest of the Corps and destroying abandoned enemy equipment. The presence of thousands of unexploded bombs and shells, hundreds of deserted Iraqi vehicles and of numerous burning oil wells made Kuwait an unpleasant and inhospitable place. In March the Second Dragoons moved west to …

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