Map Links II

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

WWIIThis is page 2 (HAITZ to PULLIGNY) of the map listings. Click on the link next to a name to see that map. Some names may contain multiple links.

Once opened, a map can be clicked on to enlarge it for great detail. May take a minute to enlarge.

A listing of the towns highlighted on the map is below each map.

Haitz (map 39)
Hanau (map VI)
Haroue (map 24)
Hasborn (map 35)
Haubinda (map 40)
Haussen (map 39)
Haut de la Croix (map OHW)
Hellstein (map 39)
Hill 277 (map 20)
Hill 344 (map 40)
Hill 367 (map 36)
Hinkel (map 34)
Hochst (map 39)
Hof (mapm41)
Hohenberg (map 42)
Holzhausen (map 40)
Hombourg-Haut (map 30)
Hostau {Hostoun} (map 43)
Hotprokop (map 44)
Houecourt (map IV)
Houillons (map 29b)
Igel (map 34)
Igney (map 25)(map NS)
Immenstadt (map SM)
Ingrandes (map 16)
Joigny (map III)(map 18)
Joinville (map III)
Jolivet (map 25)
Juvelize (map 29a)
Juvricourt (map 29a)
Karlsbrunn (map 30)
Kassel (map 39)
Kaufbeuren (map SM)
Kempten (map 37)(map SM)
Kidderminster (map CB)
Klatovy (map 45)(map VII)
Kleinmacher (map 33)
Kollig (map 33)
Kordel (map 34)
Kreuzweiler (map 33)
Lagarde (map 29a)
la Haye Pesnel (map OC)(map I)
Lam (map 46)
la Neuveville aux Bois (map 25)
Langres (map IV)
Langsur (map 34)
Larkhill/Camp Fargo (map SE)
la Roche Bernard (map I)
Laval (map I)
Leintry (map 25)
Leisenwald (map 39)
le Louroux (map 16)
Lemainville (map 24)
le Mans (map I)(map II)
les Ormes (map 18)
les Paroches (map 23)
les Riceys (map III)
Lessay (map OC)(map I)
le Temple de Bretange (map 17)
Ley (map 29a)
Lezey (map 29a)
Libstein (map 42)
Lichtenfels (map VII)
Liersburg (map 34)
Liesenwald (map 39)
Ligny le Chatel (map III)(map 20)
Lindbergmuhle (map 44)
Linden (map 40)
Liverpool (map E)
Lohberg (map 46)
Longeville les St. Avold (map 30)
Losimtal (map 43)
Ludwigsthal (map 44)
Luneville (map 25)(map IV)(map NS)
Lusigny (map III)
Luxembourg (map IV)(map V)
Machtum (map 33)
Magneux (map 22b)
Mainz (map 37)(map V)(map VI)
Marainviller (map 25)
Marbotte (map 23)
Marcilly-le Hayer (map III)(map 19)
Marimont (map 29a)
Marne au Rhin Canal (map OHW)
Marsal (map 29a)
Maurupt (map III)(map IV)
Maxey (map IV)
Memmingan (map SM)
Mernes (map 39)
Mere (map 20)
Mertert (map 34)
Merzig (map V)
Mesanger (map 16)(map I)
Mesenich (map 34)
Mestys Zelezny Ruda (map 44)(map VII)
Metz (map IV)(map NS)
Metzdorf (map 34)
Miltach (map 46)
Mirecourt (map IV)(map NS)
Mistelgau (map 41)
Mittelheim (map 37)
Mittersheim (map 29b)
Mompach (map 34)
Moncel (map 25)
Moncourt (map 29a)(map OHW)
Montargis (map III)(map 18)
Montigny (map 25)
Morsbach (map 30)
Mosel Bridgehead (map 36)
Moselle (map 30)
Moselsurch (map 36)
Mouacourt (map 29a)(map OHW)
Mountain hide-out (map SM)
Moutfort (map 33)
(Mount) Saxon Sion (map 24)
Mysliv (map 45)
Nancy (map IV)(map NS)
Nantes (map I)
Nehodiv (map 45)
Nennig (map 33)
Nepomuk (map 45)
Nesselwang (map SM)
Neufchateau (map IV)
Neukirchen (map 46)
Newel (map 34)
Niederstinzel (map 29b)
Nittel (map 33)
Nordheim (map 40)
Nozay (map I)
Obergau (map SM)
Ober Gunzburg (map SM)
Ober Staufen (map SM)
Oberstdorf (map SM)
Oberstinzel (map 29b)
Ockenheim (map 37)
Oeting (map 30)
Ogeviller (map 25)
Ommeray (map OHW)
Orchard (map OHW)
Orenhofen (map 35)
Orleans (map II)
Overpass/Hill 141 (map W)
Palzem (map 33)
Paris (map II)
Parroy (map 29a)(map OHW)
Patrol route (map W)
Pfarrabersweiler (Farebersviller)(map 30)
Pfrentsch (map 43)
Piesport (map 35)
Pilsen (map VII)
Planice (map 45)
Ploermel (map I)
Plymouth (map MA)(map E)
Porcelette (map 30)
Portland (map SE)(map E)
Pouance (map 16)(map I)
Pougy (map III)
Prasily (map 44)
Priest (map 35)
Prokop (map 44)
Pulligny map (24)

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  1. It’s not a comment but a question. I am an historian french person who is looking for informations about the military encampment of Marcilly le Hayer (France). Have you a map with the exact emplacement and pictures ? It was in woods, along the road which join Marcilly le Hayer and Villadin.

    Best regards.

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