First Action

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

WWIITroop C, 2d Squadron

3 August 1944

On August 3, the 1st and 2d Platoon of C Troop under Lts. Zecher and Parks, were given the mission of patrolling the three main roads north of Fougeres (map I)(map 15). Sgt. Douglas’ team of the 1st Platoon, accompanied by Col. Easton in his bantam, entered the town from the north shortly after daybreak. The enemy was evidently asleep because at first there was no resistance to the progress of the patrol; however, they suddenly became alerted and the small group of men was forced to withdraw.

Headquarters Platoon and the 3rd Platoon, under S/Sgt. Hines, left their bivouac area at 0600 and proceeded to Fougeres to strengthen the platoon already there.

As the 3rd Platoon, followed by Headquarters, approached the edge of town, an 88 opened fire and knocked out the point bantam. When he received this information Capt. Tallichet left his position at the front of the Headquarters Platoon and forged to the front to look the situation over. As he passed by a crossroads an 88 concealed among the trees opened fire. The Captain shouted for the men to take cover, and he was leaping for the ditch himself when shell fragments struck him in the upper leg. T/5 Rootes, his driver, jumped in the ditch with him and gave him first aid.

Headquarters Platoon was turned back and the 3rd Platoon engaged the enemy vigorously. Mortarman Crawford finally put the 88 out of action with a well directed round. B Troop, which had been in Squadron reserve, arrived to help, but as elements of the 79th Division had already pushed the enemy from town thus relieving pressure on C Troop, the situation was well in hand.

At Fougeres, C Troop was the first troop to meet the enemy in combat, and it’s CO was the first combat casualty of the Group.

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