Back To The Front

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

WWII24 – 31 Oct 1944

Troop C remained at Bathelmont (map 29a) until the 24th, when it again relieved the 42d at Parroy (map 29a)(map OHW), this time occupying foxholes in the Bois de Frontiere (map OHW)(map MD). (Group report 24 October, “Sporadic artillery fire received throughout our sector. Patrols to Xures (map 29a)(map OHW) reported the enemy still in town. Arrangements were made for relief by the 2d Squadron. Troop C moved under cover of darkness and relieved Troop B of it’s positions in the Bois de Frontiere“.)

At 1700 that evening, what was believed to be an 88mm gun opened up with direct fire on our position. After that, the gun shelled the position regularly at 0500 and 1700. For the next five days numerous patrols and listening posts were sent out, and the area was subjected to frequent heavy fire. The night of the 25th, T/5 Dominguez was killed and Pvt. Mason was wounded when a direct hit was made on their foxhole. Pvts. Fulara and Aldrich were also wounded that night. Col. Ben and a color blind sergeant spotted the gun the next day and we weren’t bothered so much after that.

During the night of the 27th, a patrol was sent out to mine a road some six hundred yards in front of our position. Enemy bicyclists were believed to be using the road after dark. No contact was made, but a listening post was maintained there nevertheless. The following day the Troop was relieved by the 26th Recon Troop, and we went back to Squadron reserve in Parroy itself. For the remainder of the month the Troop guarded bridges and sent out an occasional patrol. A few shells landed in Parroy but no more casualties were suffered.

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