Cover From Artillery Fire

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

WWII10 – 13 March, 1945

After Wittlich (map V)(map 35) fell we pushed east, chasing a few Krauts out of Dorf (map 35) and the town beyond, when we ran into a mess of them laying mines in front of a woods. Many of them were standing around with their rifles leaning against the trees, so we quickly set up a mortar and a couple of MG’s, and began to lay it into them. Boy, did they scatter!

Their displeasure was registered about five minutes later when a battery of 105’s opened up and pumped a few salvos into our town.

Lt. Bradley was using our best OP, a manure pile outside the best house in town, with his binoculars set on the woods, when the first incoming round whined it’s approach. Feeling it was close, he dropped face down into the juice at the foot of the pile. It was close, for we heard a muffled blast from our hallway across the street, and glancing out saw the manure pile settling back to earth all over the town.

Our fears were presently allayed when “Muscles” arose from the prone position, shook the matter from his hair and clothes as he quickly joined us in the building, just before the next batch arrived.

“Gee whiz”, moaned “Muscles”, “that baby provided it’s own cover!”

The 2d Squadron moved to the Mosel between Schweich (map V) and Piesport (map 35) on the 11th, and the 42d launched an attack on Bausendorf (map 35) at 0300 and drove the enemy back across the Alf river by 0600. Troop C seized Hasborn (map 35) and a bridge to the northeast.

The next two days the 2d Squadron maintained the screen along the Mosel while the 42d concentrated at Gladbach (map 35) in Group reserve.

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