Hande Hoch (Hands High)

Compiled, edited and published by Historical Section, Second Cavalry Association
Maj. A. L. Lambert and Cpt. G. B. Layton, 2d Cavalry

old-computer-ii-25414 March 1945

On the 14th of March, C Troop was given the mission of putting an OP to the right of Piesport (map 35), on the west bank of the Mosel. The 76th Division had reported this area cleared of all enemy. The 3rd platoon drew the job and Lt. Capewell and 20 men climbed down to the right of the town, set up the OP by 2100, placed their guards, and retired for the night.

At 2300 the men were aroused by a very excited German soldier who commanded them to raise their hands and surrender. He and four more with him had our men cold. The German was shouting to the men, trying to arouse the sleeping ones so he could accept their surrender, take a head count and put in his application for the iron cross, first class. Pfc. Crawford popped open both eyes as big as the holes in a doughnut, made a quick estimate of the situation, thought of Jerry prison camp rations, grabbed his carbine and suddenly opened fire. This discouraged the Jerries to no end, and a great deal of confusion ensued. Bodies scrambled around the room, shots were fired in the dark, and then several men crashed through the windows, the Germans first, leaving in a hurry, and the aroused Americans second, in pursuit. The racket alerted the Heinies across the river and they joined the party with a shower of mortars and 88’s. The OP, of course, was now useless, so the men were withdrawn under heavy artillery fire to their platoon CP. Thanks to the bravery and quick reactions of Pfc. Crawford, all the men returned safely.

The 42d Squadron made contact with the 90th Division Recon Troop in the vicinity of Moselsurch (map 36). The entire Squadron was across the Mosel and had begun relief of the 357th Infantry when the 6th SS Mountain Division counter-attacked. Troop C with one platoon of Troop F moved to the support of the 2d Battalion, 357th Infantry, and with their help the attack was repulsed.

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