H&S Troop, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

H&S Troop, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (1 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (4 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (4 total)

ANDREWS, Robert P., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer(3)
BECKLEY, William S. III, 1st Lt.
ROTHENBACH, Herman A., 2nd Lt.(1)

ALBRIGHT, Frank A.; ALLEN, John T. Jr.; ARMENTRAUT, Ira B.; BACCARO, Anthony; BAGAL, Adam; BAGSHAW, John H.; BASKIN, Ralph; BAUMEISTER, George O.; BEAG, Theodore; BEAGARIE, Bernard F.; BOYD, Esper S.; BRENNAN, Martin L.; BREWER, Ernest W.; BRYANT, John J.; BUCHANAN, Harry T.; BURNS, Mark O.; CALEY, George L.; CALLAHAN, Edward F.; CARL, Francis J.; CASEY, Bill W.; CENA, Peter J.; CERRUTI, Horace V.; CHETHAM, Kenneth L.; CHRISON, Anthony G.; CHRISTENSEN, Charles H.; CLIFTON, Henry B.; CONNELL, William L.(3); COWAN, Reece; CRAWLEY, Charles E.; CRESDY, Henry R.; DINEEN, Robert L.; DiPUMA, Bernard L.; DORNHECKER, Alfred G.; DUFFY, Thomas J.; DUNCAN, David A.; DUNCAN, William H.; EDELSTEIN, Melvin J.; ENGLUND, Richard L.; FLAHERTY, Martin T.; FLANAGAN, Charles A. Jr.; FRANCIS, William J.; FRANELLI, Roland F.; FRANSTED, Lawrence D.; FRISBEY, Richard T.; FULTZ, Clarence E.; GELLER, Howard; GILBERT, Herle V.; GIVEN, Herbert F.; GORDON, Irving B.; GOTBAUM, Victor H.; GRAYBEAL, James E.; GRIFFIN, Tom M.; GRUNDY, Clarence G.; GUARRAIA, Ernest C.W.; GUISASOLA, Samy; HART, Elmer; HINE, William J.; HOUCHENS, Paul T.; HUMMER, Robert B.F. Jr.(2); JACKSON, Hugh W.; JEFFRIES, Samuel H.; JINKS, Donald O.(2); JOHNSON, Bradley; KAUFFMAN, Arthur W.; KIDD, William D.; KOSSAK, Jerome A.; LEAVEL, James A.; LEE, James F.; LEE, John H.; LETTON, James H. Jr.; MACCHIONE, Gino; MARTIN, Norman E.; MARTINEZ, Vaudelio A.; McCONNELL, Richard G.; McCORMICK, John W.; McKINNON, Richard G.; MERRILL, LeRoy H. Jr.; MILLER, Wade M.; MILLER, William H.; MOIST, Robert R.; MORRISOY, Joseph E.; MOSDY, George W.; MOWERY, Joe; MUENCH, Raymond H.; MUELLER, Roger A.; PAUL, Jerome O.; PETERSON, Donald E.(3); PEZET, Leo; PHELPS, Edward C.; PIKE, Jimmy F.; POLLARD, Ollie B. Jr.; PRADKA, John W.; RANDOLPH, Donald G.; REEVES, Martin A.; RELICH, John; RIGBY, Leonard J.; ROSE, John F.; ROSSMANN, William F.; SARAFIN, John M.; SCHRADER, LeRoy; SHADD, Elmer E.; SHEETS, Darrol L.; SKILES, Joseph Jr.; SMIGEL, Henry J.; SMITH, Theodore J.; SOKOLOSKI, Edward J.(2); SORTINO, Samuel V.; SPERDUTO, Anthony F.; STANTON, Irvine D.; STARR, John S.; STEHLEY, William A.(2)(3); STERNHEIM, Harold; STRAND, Carl A.; SWEAT, Richard A.; TAYLOR, Seth J.; VANLE, John E.(2); WEAVER, Charles D.; WEDDLE, Fred A.; WELCH, Perley E.; WHALEN, Richard E.; WHREN, Michael U.; WILLS, Robert G.; WILSON, Harold R.; WILSON, Ralph S.; WITTRUP, Gordon L.; YARBORO, James E.; YOUNG, Charles R.; YOUNG, Elmer E.; ZACHMANN, George F.; ZRINI, Samuel; ZULAUF, Harry B.; ZYWAN, Samuel.

5 thoughts on “H&S Troop, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)”

  1. I believe my father, William J. Francis, known as Jack Francis, was a member of this unit from June or July of 1944 until February of 1945. His friend, Lawrence Fransted, is listed above. He always told me of how their friendship evolved due to the closeness of the spelling of their names. My father is still going fairly strong an 87 and was un touch with Fransted until his death in 2009.

  2. Phillip Campbell

    My Uncle Joseh Skiles served in this unit. I have a couple of photographs of what I believe to be the 2nd Cav. that you may be interested in seeing.Please let me know how I can share these hotos on your site if you are interested. Thank you, Phillip Campbell

  3. I have a picture of my Dad, George Prentiss, standing in front of this Unit’s sign during the war. Not sure if he was assigned or not. Would like to know more.

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