Troop F, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

Troop F, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (1 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (22 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (1 total)

WATSON, John R., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer
RANSON, Emmet W., 2nd Lt.
YATES, Harold L., 2nd Lt.
KRAATZ, Raymond, 1st Lt.(2)(3)
BAYER, Michael, 1st Lt.

ALBERGO, Louis A.; ALPAUGH, Henry M.; AUCONE, Paul; BAUMGARTNER, Joseph P.; BEAVER, Louis A.(2); BOWEN, Robert W.; BUCKLEY, Gilbert A.; CARTTER, Allen M. Jr.; CEA, Nicola(2); CELENTANO, Albert P.; CHEEK, Marshall E.(2); CHILDS, Ludro(2); COCCHIERE, Luther D.; COLLIER, Luther D.; COTRONEO, Joseph P.; CRESS, John L.M.(2); CURTIS, William A.; DAVENPORT, Arthur C. Jr.; DEGNAN, Frank T.; DeMARCO, John G.; DESIO, Joseph N.; DEUTSCH, Frank J.; DILL, James J.; DITZIG, Steven; ESPOSITO, Andrew D.(2); EVANS, Gordon(2); FELL, Leslie P.; FOX, Joseph P.; FRANK, Anthony; FRAZIER, William T. Jr.; GASKINS, Leslie D.; GOVER, Hurshel R.; GREENE, Eugene W.; GUALTIERI, Rocco J.; GULVIN, Robert C.; GURD, Thomas L.(2); HAVERLOCK, James C.; HOLZ, Louis T.(2); HOULIHAN, Walter L.; JERONIMO, Frank; KEPP, Karlan; KERR, Delmer E.(2); KIERMAN, Charles A.; LEDDY, Elmer J. Jr.; LEDFORD, Doyle C.; LEWIS, Walter M.; LUCAS, Hermann; LUCAS, Louis C.(2); LUKAS, Edward R.; MATTHEWS, George J.(2); McGROARY, Francis X.; MEOLA, Matteo; MOON, Parker H.; MOONE, Alma B.(2); MOORE, Albert P.(2); MORT, Gail E.(2); MUEHLMEIER, Ernest C.; NEDVED, Thomas L.; NICHOLS, Jesse W.(1); OAKLEY, Willie I.; PARKER, David J.(2); PAYNE, William C.; PELUSO, Frank F.; PERANIO, Alfred J.; PERRY, Joseph A.; POLDING, Robert L.; RICCI, James M.; ROWLEY, Arlis R.(2); RUSSELL, Milton S.; SALVINO, Vito; SAWYERS, James M.(2); SCALZITTI, Anthony; SHAVER, Harry C.; SHERWOOD, Walter E.; SHOUPE, Clarence R.(2); SMITH, Frank R.; SMITH, Leo C.; SMITH, Richard B.; SOLES, Joseph E.; SPENCE, Horace L.(2); TEDDER, James A.; THOMPSON, Raymond A.; TRIANO, Salvatore; VOLKERT, Herbert C.; WILES, Joseph P. Sr.; WILLIAMS, George A.; WILSON, John A.; WYSOCKI, John F.; ZRINI, Samuel

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    1. The mistake is in the original book from 1946. He is listed as JERONIMO, Frank, on the Company F, 42d Squadron roster, and Frank Geronimo in the Delaying Action story. I do not know which is the correct spelling so I left it as is.

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