Troop C, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

Troop C, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (0 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (32 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (4 total)

AUFDEMORTE, Milton T., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer
HARRIS, Charles E., 1st Lt.(2)(3)
HUEFFNER, Marvin T., 2nd Lt.(2)
PRIDGEN, William C., 2nd Lt.(3)
BANCROFT, Frederick N. Jr., 1st Lt.
HUMMER, Robert B.F. Jr., 2nd Lt.(2)

ALEXANDER, Robert H.; ARNO, Louis(2); ATKINSON, Willard M.; AYSCUE, Merlin E.; BARONE, Alphonse(2); BELL, Harry; BESSON, Charlie R. Jr.; BOYD, William T.; BRADLEY, William P.; BRAICA, Arthur V.; BRANAMAN, William E.; BRITTON, Lucious R.; BROEILS, Ralph(2); BROOKS, George R.; BRYSON, Alfred S.; BULLOCK, Ronald D.; BUTKIEWICZ, Frank S.(2); BUTTS, Robert L.; CAFASSO, John; CANADY, Grover R.; CARICO, Curtis H.; CARPENTER, Joseph E.; CARTER, Joseph(2); CASEY, Joseph P.; CATTAI, Francesco Z.; CELLI, Harry F.; CHOMA, Peter; CHRISTMAN, John W.; CORNETT, Amos J.; CRAIG, Alvin A.; CULP, John M.L.; DAMON, Robert J.; DAVIS, John D.; DINGUS, James S.(2); DODD, Carl E.; DORFMAN, Solomon; DUBBE D, Aart; DUNBAR, William L.; DUNN, Earl W.; EDGAR, John A.; EDMONDS, Harold V.; ENGEMAN, Leo F.; EUKER, Harry F.; FEALKOFF, Irving; FEARER, David M.(2); FEELEY, James J.; FENDAHL, Clive V.(2); FERRARO, Joseph; FEURY, William A.(2); FRAPPOLLI, Julius(2); FREEDMAN, Nathan; FRISHBERG, Milton M.; GARDNER, Edwin H. Jr.; GARO, Joseph L.(3); GARRETT, Daniel E.; GAYNOR, Raymond J.(2); GLASSMANN, Bernard; GRAY, Charles T.; GRIMALDI, Dominick J.(2); GRISBY, Howard P.; GUIN, Bedford E.; GUTTERREZ, Fernando G.; HACKWORTH, Joseph W.; HALAT, Casper A.; HALL, Charles R.; HALL, Richard J.(2); HARDISON, Charles F.; HARYDZAK, Walter; HAUCK, Ralph J.; HENFLING, Robert J.(2); HEWITT, Elwood; HOWE, James J.; HYLE, John F.; ISRAEL, Sol; JENKINS, Robert G.; JENSEN, Donald I.; JONES, Harley N.; KAZLAUSKAS, Felix J.; KENNEDY, Rassue G.; KIMBAL, Robert W.; KLEGAR, Jake(3); KUHA, Stanley; KURYLA, Stanley N.; LANIER, John W.; LAUX, Walter; LESKO, Michael; LOSICCO, John; LUPPO, Russell; LYNCH, John L.; MAES, Tito J.; MAGHER, Robert J.; MARSHALL, Robert B. Jr.; MARSHALL, Ted R.; MARTIN, Herbert; MARTIN, William C.; MAY, Andrew J. Jr.; MAZUR, George L.; McDONALD, Ammon C.(2); McGETTRICK, Lester J.(2); McKEITMAN, Prince A.; MEINS, Robert F.; MEREDITH, John E.(2); MERIDETH, William D.; MERIS, George O.; MILLER, Clifford W.; MILLER, Kebler(2); MILLS, Jodie; MORANO, John F.; MORRIALE, Rosario; MULLEN, William R.; MYHAL, John(2); NASH, Archie J.; OESTRANDER, Harold N.; OLAGUEZ, George V.; PADREZA, Stanley; PARKER, Richard F.; PARRISH, Victor H.; PASCENTO, Daniel P.; PATTI, Dominick; POPE, Louis B.; PURIFOY, Clyde D.; REDMAN, Joseph L.; REHILL, Edward F.; ROACH, John T.(2); ROBBINS, Windham E.; ROBINSON, Russell D.; ROGERS, Harry B. Jr. ROUSE, Richard H.; RUGGIANO, John M.; RUSSELL, Jamie L.; SADLER, Royce R.; SATTERWHITE, Denzal R.; SELLERS, Roy; SILIATO, Vincent G.; SINDELER, Robert J.; SMIGEL, Henry J.(2); SNOW, Willard C.; SPENCE, William(2); SPRUILL, Cyril C.(2); STANTON, Irvine P.; STARR, John S.; STUCKEY, James R.; THOMAS, Albert; TINGLER, Hollis G.; TORONYI, Michael(2); VAUGHT, L.J.(2); VIEIRA, Frank R.; VIERHELLER, Guy C.; VILLARAN, Joseph; WADE, Bruce L.(2); WALKER, Eugene B.; WALKER, Orville W.; WALKER, Rufus L.; WALSH, James J.; WALLER, Charles C.; WASHBURN, Reaves R.; WEBB, Charles R.(2); WEST, Aubrey V.(2); WHARTON, Earl E.; WILLIAMS, James H.; WILLIAMS, Howard W.; WRIGHT, Elmer E. Jr.; WYATT, Joe C.; YENESEL, Edward; YEOMANS, William D.(2); ZEVIN, Irving; ZIEMAN, Thomas E.

5 thoughts on “Troop C, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Megon and I am researching my fathers life. As a small child my father and mother were divorced, and all I had was his name on my birth certificate. My mother was not much help, and after my father passed away in 2007, I only recently came to know anything about him. I now have the death certificate, and it lists Henry J. Smigel. I came accross this list of names, and believe the man named in the list is my paternal granfather. Do you have any information about Henry J Smigel that would be of help to me? My father Joseph Henry Smigel was a Vietnam Vet, and I know very little about him. I will be asking for his military records, but in the meantime, I am doing my research. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Megon,
      Thank you for your families service to our country.

      I’m sorry to say that all I have on Henry J. Smigel is that he is listed on the rosters of both C Troop, 42d Reconnaissance Squadron and H&S Troop (Headquarters and Supply), 42d Reconnaissance Squadron, and that he is shown to have been wounded in action, which means he would have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal.

      I looked on and though I found hundreds and hundreds of listings for Smigel, I only found two listings for Henry J. Smigel and one for Henry Smigel enlisting in the Army in WW II. One of the Henry J’s didn’t enlist until 1945, so he couldn’t have been the one from the 2d Cavalry roster, and the Henry was pretty old, born in 1907, but I will include their information also, what little I found.

      The third listing fits perfect. The 2d Cavalry was activated 15 January 1943 at Ft Jackson, SC. One of the Henry J. Smigel’s enlisted eight days later on 23 January 1943, just north of Ft. Jackson in Camden, New Jersey. He was born in 1923 and lived in Delaware. He was 5’7″ tall and weighed 124 lbs. There is no Social Security Death Index listing for him, so he may still be alive.

      The other Henry J. was born 8 June 1910, lived in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana, and enlisted 13 February 1945 at Ft. Douglas, Utah. He died 18 September 2001.

      The last, Henry Smigel, was born 14 September 1907, lived in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and enlisted 12 June 1942 in Cleveland. He was 5’7″ tall and weighed 135 lbs. He died 9 November 1993 in Cleveland.

      Hope this helps.

      Dave Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association
      History Center Editor-in-Chief

  2. Thank you for that great information! I received my father Joseph Henry’s DD214 today, and found that he too was injured in battle. My father was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, 1 OS Bar Air Medal, ACFT CRWMN Badge, Purple Heart, Expert M-16, and Sharpshooter M-60. I am honored, even in his passing that he was honored. I should receive gis medals from the Army soon, I was just curious if his last duty assignment would lead me towards any clue as to who his family was? I am still trying to locate my grandmother Ella Mae and Henry J. Smigel. The listed assignment was: 207th AVN CO USAREUR.

    1. Fantastic, Megon! You’re doing a wonderful job!

      I couldn’t find very much on the 207th Aviation Company. It was activated in 1966 and almost immediately redesignated (renamed) 135th Assault Helicopter Company. It served in Vietnam during 1967-70, then shows up again in Europe (USAREUR) in 1971 as 207th Aviation Company again. Hard to say if this is the unit he served in VN with.

      Here is a brief history of some of its VN duty

      His home of record (where he lived before entering the Army) should be listed on the discharge also, in box 8c I believe. This would be the best clue for family ties.

      Other medals your dad would have earned but must be purchased separately as they are foreign medals:

      Vietnam Campaign Medal (for sure)(individual award)

      Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with/Palm (likely)(unit award)

      Civil Action Honor Medal (likely)(unit award)

      He should also receive some bronze campaign stars on the VN Service medal, one for each campaign he participated in. You would have to check the exact dates of his Vietnam service, then check what campaigns occurred during this period. The bronze service stars are attached to the medals suspension ribbon and wear ribbon. Not to be confused with the Bronze Star Medal, which is a medal for valor/commendation.

      Hope this helps.


  3. I don’t believe this…. my dad is listed above. Daniel P. Pascento. I knew he was part of the XII Corps… The Spearhead of Patton’s Third Army but I didn’t know it was considered Troop C, 4nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry. I would love to communicate with anyone who knew him. Unfortunately he passed in 1984 but I know he would have gotten a kick out of this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And thank you for your service Dave.

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