Troop B, 2d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

Troop B, 2d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (1 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (47 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (10 total)

POTTS, William, E., Capt., Troop Commanding Officer(2)(3)
LANGLEY, Robert S., 1st Lt.(2)(3)
RATCLIFFE, William E., 2nd Lt.(1)(3)
MORGENTHAU, Henry III, 1st Lt.
LAMKEY, Ernest R., 2nd Lt.
GOULET, Joseph E., 2nd Lt.

ALBERTSON, Herbert C.; ALEXANDER, Herbert; ANARGYROS, Arthur; ARNOLDI, Uge D.; ASHBY, James R. Jr.; BARLOW, Richard E.; BEARD, Robert D.; BEATH, Lyle C.(2); BEATY, Raymond L.; BEEMAN, Howard J.; BENDER, Clifford W.; BENNETT, Arnold P.; BERCRAW, Marvin E.; BERTRAM, Leroy(2); BLOXMAN, Iantha I.; BOEHM, Jack M.; BRENNER, Floyd M.; BURAS, Lawrence; CANNITO, Domenic I.; CATES, Donald M.; CHAPMAN, William J.; CLAAR, Virgil F.; CLOE, Ernest E.(2); COLLER, Edison N.(2); COLLINS, Daniel P.; CONNORS, Charles T.O.; CORNELIUS, Elmer J.; CRAWLEY, Emerey C.; CUTRIGHT, Wilbert T.(3); DAHLMAN, Herthel A.; DANIEL, Fred R.; DAWSON, Robert R.; DAY, Charles D.; DAYCE, (no first name)(2); DeBEN, John S. Jr.; DILL, Mathew T.(2); DINAN, Joseph P.; DOLPHIN, Gareth H.(2); DONOVAN, Lyle A.(2); DUFF, Robert K.; DUKES, Garland R. Jr.; ECKER, Raymond F.(2); ECKSUZIAN, Edward A.; EGGEN, Vernon S.; EHRHARDT, Robert R.; FORD, David E.; FRANKLIN, Glen R.(2); FREY, Kenneth M.; FUNKE, Frank T.(2)(3); GIBSON, Carl G.; GIEDRA, John T.; GLEASON, Roger; GORDON, (no first name)(2); GOSKAE, Walter; GOWLER, Walter D.(2); GOYETTE, Ronald M.; GRAHAM, Glen K.(2); GRAY, , Robert N.; GREBOSKI, Leo Jr.; GUNNOE, Arthur H.; HANSEN, Jerome G.; HEAD, Lloyd V.(2); HECKMAN, Raymond H.; HELMS, Charles; HERNDON, Donald C.; HUBENET, Grant L.(2); HUNT, R.H.(2); HUNTER, Leon T.(2); IOANOU, Konstantion; JENKINS, Orice; JOHNSON, Perry H.; JONES, Henry W.; KELLY, William L.; KENTON, Max W.; KLEMPARENE, Erwin E.; KOHEL, Joseph F.; KUNES, George J.; KUPFER, Philip W.; LAMB, James L.(2); LAROSE, Gerard M.(2); LAUGHTER, Calude E.; LEBERG, Edwin F.; LEGER, Joseph G.; LIBERTY, Joseph V.(2); LINDSAY, Beryl W.; LOMBARD, Edward J.(2); LYLES, William S.(3); LYNCH, Melvin L.; MAHER, William M. Jr.; MAPES, Arthur B.; MARKLE, Daniel A.; MARKLEY, Russel E.; MAYOR, James; McCARTHY, Jeremiah J.; McCLUER, John W.; McDANIEL, Robert H.; McKENNEY, Thearman; MEEKER, Calude(2); MERRICK, Harryl; MEYER, Raymond F.; MILLIKAN, (no first name)(2); MILLS, Jack R.(2); MITCHELL, Joseph A.(3); MONEY, Harvey M.; MOORE, Harvey J.; MORGAN, Donald N.; MORLOCK, Vaughn L.; MURPHY, John P.; MURREY, Daniel A.; MUSTARD, Lloyd E.; MYERS, Thomas J.; NAIL, Paul C.; OVERTON, Kenneth L.(2); PANNEL, Jack; PARK, Frank L.; PATRICK, John L. Jr.; PAUL, Harold S.(2); PAYNE, Silas J.; PAYNE, William A.; PETERSON, Warren J.; POLSKI, Bernard S.; PONITZ, Isidore A.; PRATT, Edward L.(2); PRESTWOOD, Lawrence; QUIRK, George B.; RANDAZZO, Anthony Jr.; REESE, James A.; RICCIARELLI, Stanley(2); RICHARDSON, Arthur J.; RICHMOND, Franklin D.(2); RINEHART, John E.; ROGERS, Aldine; RUSS, Dallas C.; RYAN, Lawrence E.; SACCENTI, Rudolph; SALYERS, Eugene(2); SCERCY, Kenneth R.(2); SCHACHT, Winfield; SCHNACKEL, Clarence J.(2); SCOTT, Joseph F.; SCOTT, Robert L Jr.; SECZESNOWICZ, (no first name); SIMPSON, Vernon R.; SMITH, Albert L.; SMITH, Hoyt B.; SMITH, Ibert B.(2); SOAVE, Frank J.(2); SPEARS, Fred A.; SPONG, Robert E.; STANTON, Calvin E.(2); STINSON, Mason H.; STORM, Richard F.; STRICKLAND, John; SUSS, Irving D.(2); SWARTS, Harvey R.(2); TAUCKNER, William E.(2); TATE, Thomas P.; TATE, William H.(2)(3); THOMPSON, Edward J.; TOMASO, Louis J.; TREECE, Alvin L.; TREGLOWN, William H.(2); TREPASSO, Joseph A.; TURNER, Charles D.(3); VALLINI, Pete(2); VAN ZANDT, (no first name); WACKROW, Edward; WARREN, E.; WEAVER, Robert L.; WELCH, Horace J.; WESTBURG, John E.; WHEELER, Clarence L.(2); WHITE, Howard F.; WHITEAKER, Jim F.; WHITTENBERG, Egbert W.(2); WILSON, Emery M.; WOODS, JOHN J. Jr.; YEPP, Kermit M.; YOUNG, Bill(2); YOUNG, Wendell S.(3); ZACK, Joseph E.;

6 thoughts on “Troop B, 2d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)”

  1. My father was 2nd Lt. Lamkey, his first name was actually spelled “Ernest” without the “a”. He died in 1966 of a heart attack. We know little of his activity during WWII, but would like to find out more from anyone who was there. The window of opportunity is almost closed so if anyone knows something, we would love to hear from them.

    Kathryn V. Lamkey

    1. Ms. Lamkey,
      I apologize for the mistake on the spelling of your father’s name, but that was the way it was listed in the book SECOND UNITED STATES CAVALRY – A HISTORY. The necessary corrections have been made.

      Thank you for your father’s service to our country and the 2d Cavalry Regiment. We are saddened to hear the news of his passing, but celebrate the chance to meet with him at Fiddler’s Green where the souls of all Cavalrymen go.

      I couldn’t find any stories that directly named your father, but you can read what he went through in our WW II section here

      I do know of two gentlemen who served in your father’s troop who will likely remember him. I will send you a private e-mail with their contact info if I can find it.

      Best wishes,
      Dave Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association
      History Center Editor

  2. Hello…thank you all for your military service. My father was in 2nd. Cavalry Regiment – 2nd. Cavalry Division – Troop B. His name is Edgar (Eddie) Burt Schabel. He died in 1962. My parents were divorced when I was 9 and I know only that he was at Ft. Funston/Ft. Riley 1941 -1942 and then was assigned to a tank division…maybe the 9th. Armored Division…776th. Amphibious Tank Battalion? I don’t know if he was in Europe or the Pacific Theater. He never talked about his experiences and any records went with him when he left. Is there anyway I can find out any information about his service experiences? I have a 1941 Historical and Pictorial Review book from the Army and a few b n’ w photos of him, buddies, horses, and tanks that have Menlo Park printed on the side.
    Thank you for time and kind consideration. I sincerely appreciate any help. Ann Studer

    1. Ann,
      Thank you for your inquiry, and your fathers service to our country and the 2d Cavalry Regiment.

      Have you tried to obtain your father’s military records from the archives in St. Louis? They would have his unit listed at time of discharge.

      If you are interested and need advice, let me know. I’d be glad to help. If his records weren’t destroyed in the big fire back in the 1970’s, we’ll be able to get his medals reissued to you also, free of cost.

      Give me a holler and we can get this started.

      Dave Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association
      History Center Editor

  3. This site may be inactive due to the lack of activity in the comment section but I’d really appreciate it if anyone out their had any stories or details about my grandfather during WWII. The greatest guy I’ve ever met but sadly passed away when I was 6 due to a heart attack in ’97. Would love to hear some first hand experiences with him. His name was Lawrence Prestwood. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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