Troop A, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)

Troop A, 42d Squadron

(1) killed in action/died of wounds (6 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action (34 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry (17 total)

EMBLETON, Tom W., 1st Lt., Troop Commanding Officer (2)
CATLETT, Carter N., 1st Lt. (3)
THEODORE, George P., 2nd Lt.
BETTA, Jam S., 2nd Lt.
SHAW, Leland H. Jr., 2nd Lt. (2)(3)
KELLOGG, Harry W.; 2nd Lt. (2)MIA
SCOTT, Winfield III, 2nd Lt.
ROGERS, John, 2nd Lt.(2)
QUINLIVAN, William, 2nd Lt.

ALLEN, Charles E.; ALLEN, Solomon; ARCHAMBEAULT, Gladwin(3); ARMBRUSTER, John L.; BALZO, Dominick; BATCHALER, Jessie J.; BAXTER, John T.; BEASLEY, William E.(2); BEHLE, Irving C.; BELCHER, Doff; BELL, Eugene T.; BELTZ, William R.; BENTLEY, Bert A.; BENVENUTO, Anthony; BLACK, James H.; BONELLI, Rocco C.; BORGFIELD, Willie L.; BOYER, William H.(2); BRADY, Thomas; BRANDT, Robert J.; BRATSVEEN, Edwin; BROOKS, Edward R.; BROWN, Robert K.; BURKONS, Bernard H.; CAMPBELL, Alvah L.; CAPUTE, Francis X.; CARLYLE, Albert; CARTER, Joseph E.(2); CASPER, Vance; CHMURA, Joseph S.; CHOKER, Michael H.(2); CICHON, Stanley A.(3); CLINTON, Raymond O.(2); CLOUGH, Norman A.; COE, Clifford E.; COFRANCESSCO, Frank A.; COGGIN, Jacob C.; COLL, Daniel J.; CRAINE, Robert S.; CULLY, Orlo R.; DABBS, Calvin E.; DAVIS, William G.; DeCRESENTA, John J.; DEVANE, Benjamin F.(2); DIEHL, Calvin G.; DOREMUS, Charles D.; DULEMBA, Victor S.; DZIECJOLOWSKI, Joseph(1); ECCLES, Davis W.; EHRMANN, Edwin P.(2); ELLERTHORPE, Gerald T.; FATTORUSO, Dolph; FELICE, Bernadino; FIGEL, Clemens; FOGELSTROM, Raymond A.; FORD, John E.; FOYLES, Fred R.(2); FRACELLA, John; FREMER, Charles C.; GALANTE, Alex; GANN, Durell C; GESKY, Joseph T., (1); GODWIN, John W.(2); GROVE, George W.; HAAR, Edward; HARROD, James W.; HEINRICHS, George F.; HENDERSMAN, Edward J.(2); HINMAN, Roger M.(3); HORVAT, James A. Sr.; HOWELL, Phillip J.; HOWELL, Roy W.; HUMPHREY, Max E.; IMLER, Robert; INGRAM, Johnnie C.; INMAN, Raymond C.; ISSAACS, Marx L.; JACK, Loren L.; JAMES, Robert M.; JOHNSON, Wayman E.; JOBE, Joseph D.(2); KELLEY, Bernard R.; KEY, Walter J.; KIRK, John K.; KLEHN, Lawrence A.(2); KOBLY, Peter Jr.(2); KRUSE, Vernon H.(3); LEVY, Sydney S.; LIOTTA, Vincent J.; LISH, Charles(1); LOPRESTI, Onofrio J.; LOTHRY, Frank V.(2); LUECHS, Adam; MANGRUM, Carlyle B.(3); MANZ, Raymond E.(1)(3); MARICH, Duch(3); MARTHALLER, Leonard; McFARLAND, Frank W. Jr.; McGUIRE, Donald B, Jr.; MILANESE, Pat; MILANI, Emilio; NELSON, Charles E.; O’CONNOR, Maurice J.; OGIER, Wilfried; O’GRODNICK, Bernard S.(2); O’ HALLERAN, James J.; O’NEAL, Owen R.; OTTE, Walter E.; PANNELLI, William J.(3); PASCHAL, Leroy; PAVIA, Romolo; PETCH, Herbert D.; PHILLIPS, John S.; PILO, Salvatore J.; PUCILLO, Carmine J.; RESTIERI, Lawrence C.(2); RHODES, Malcom E.(2)(3); RITTER, Walter D.; RLINA, Daniel J.(2); ROBERT, Harold S.; ROMAGLIA, John(1); ROTH, Everett J.; ROUSE, Kenneth E.(3); ROY, Charles, S/SGT; RUDO, Howard T.; SAMUEL, N.(2); SANTARCANGELO, Frank J.; SCARANO, Michael S.; SCHREY, Frank F.; SCOPPETTUOLO, Phillip; SCOTT, Arthur G.; SIMMER, Russel F.; SPADAFINO, Vito J.(3); SPIVEY, David(2); STILLEY, Henry; STILLMAN, Edgar S.(2); STRAGGS, Hershel B.; SUDHOFF, Paul W.(3); SUGGS, Julius K.(2); SUTTON, Owen W.(1); SZABO, Lew J.; TANKARD, Jack; TAYLOR, Harold C.; TAYLOR, John M.; THOMPSON, Floyd W.; THOMPSON, Harold E.; THOMPSON, Harold N.; TITLER, Harold G.; TRETINIK, Joseph; TRIPP, James A.; TRULL, Bronze H.; TUCHMINTZ, Sam(2); TUNNEL, Lloyd E.(2); URBANSKI, Thaddeus; VAN ARSDALE, George D.(2); VAN BIBER, George V.; VAN LAARHOVEN, C.J.; VOGEL, Harley F.(2); WALKER, Admiral D.(3); WALSA, David F.(2); WAWRZYNIAK, Stanley W.; WENZEL, Raymond W.(2); WESTFALL, D.R.; WIEDMAR, William C.; WILBY, Charles H.; WINKLER, Edgar; WINSTEAD, Hilria J.(3); WITZER, Himan; WOOD, William V.(2)(3); YATES, Dallas Jr.; YINGST, George H.; ZAY, Elmer A.(2);

9 thoughts on “Troop A, 42d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Group (Mecz)”

  1. Jack Goundrill

    Hello, I noticed my uncle Gladwin is listed on your site. His last name is spelled Archambeault. You left the “e” out. Thanks.

    1. Jack,
      Thank you for contacting me about your Uncle Gladwin Archambeault. Thank you also for his service to our country and the 2d Cavalry Association.

      I have corrected the spelling of his name on the rosters. Thanks to folks like you, we are able to strive for accuracy. Those rosters are from a book published in 1947 by the 2d Cavalry Association.

      If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

      “Tacoma Dave” Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association Webmaster

  2. My father Hilria J. Winstead received the Bronze Star. I have the medal and the citation. He was not listed among those who were decorated.

  3. Larry,
    Thank you for your father’s service to our country and the 2d Cavalry Regiment.

    The awards listed were the ones received prior to the end of 1946. Many of the awards were delayed for one reason or another and were not listed before the book was published. I greatly appreciate you contacting me with this information and I will update the list to include your father’s award.

    I apologize for the delay in contacting you as I injured my back a week ago and have not been on the computer. It is still very hard to sit for more than a couple minutes, but I will try to get the list updated soon to include your father’s Bronze Star.

    If you have the date of the award I might be able to find it in the After Action Reports which may give more detail.

    Hope this helps, sir.

    Dave Gettman
    2d Cavalry Association

  4. Ralph W. Broeils

    A story regarding Troop C/42nd in the fall of 1944:

    My father and I were talking about our training in the US Army and he mentioned driving through a night encampment and opening up fire with automatic weapons. I thought he was talking about riding through a training encampment at Ft. Jackson, SC…..attempting to scare the dickens out of some NFG’s. He said no, this was through a German encampment. He said they opened up their radios to full blast, rode through the German encampment and opened up with automatic fire while tossing grenades. He finished up by saying “It was a miracle that any of us came out alive”. These were the type of men that completed these types of raids. They were unconventional and attacked any and all Germans with any means they had available. My father was part of a reconnaissance squadron and lived with the enemy to identify targets and provide ambush/harrassment. Our nation owes a huge debt to men who were too young to know fear or to hesitate to bring to bear anything less than lethal force on the enemy.

    Our father returned home wounded physically and mentally. He was difficult to live with for my sister, myself and mom. But he paid a huge price himself as this affected his life from that point onward. He related very few stories probably thinking that myself or my younger brother would follow in his footsteps in the 2nd ACR. His second wife related that he still woke her up at night (around 1990 or so) while in a fight with the enemy. This was 50 years after that experience.

    Ralph W. Broeils
    Knoxville, TN

    1. Ralph,
      I know well the story of your father’s group riding through the enemy’s rear. You can read all about it here

      The story also made the newsletter Warweek on November 11, 1944. You can read the article here in the section “Smell Traps Now”.

      I believe I have had correspondence with either your dad or yourself in the past. Please pass along my best wishes.

      “Tacoma Dave” Gettman
      2d Cavalry Association

  5. Ralph W. Broeils (jr)

    Tacoma Dave!

    Hello, hope you are doing well. Had been meaning to contact you. You are so dilligent in getting your records in order. The story I realted on your site from my father (Ralph (nmn) Broeils) was for C/42. Right now it is listed with A/42. Also your response with the links directly below should be moved as well.

    My father had also told me about a foot march and encampments along the way for training purposes here in the US. The 42nd took part in a foot march from Columbia, SC (Ft. Jackson, SC) to Charleston, SC. He had also described barracks that were coal heated in winter there at Ft. Jackson. In the 70’s and again in the 80’s when we were at Ft. Jackson for small arms qualifications, we stayed in some pretty old, isolated barracks away from main post and they had the old concrete coal bunkers in the back of them. I had described them to my Dad and he confirmed that they sounded like the barracks they used in the 40’s. It was a small connection for me to him when he was a younger man about my age. Dad seemed to like talking about the funny things that happened to him stateside and I encouraged him to get some of that to the forefront of his mind by getting him to relay some of those. He hated KP duty as most did and liked to describe how he would be a big screw-up at KP in order to get kicked out!

  6. Raph W. Broeils

    Over on the right side under “Recent Comments”, the story is listed as Troop A, 42nd Cavalry, should be Troop C. Nothing big, just wanted to make it easier if someone is looking for this story as a Troop C story. I have it listed as C/42 under the note I posted, it’s shown as A/42 over on the side “Recent Comments”. Great site, thanks for all that you do.

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