Command and Staff, 2d Cavalry Gp (Mecz) WW II


Roster of Officers of 2d Cavlry Gp (Mecz) and their duties at the time of embarkation from New York during WW II

(1) killed in action; died of wounds(3 total)
(2) wounded or injured in action(6 total)
(3) decorated for gallantry(11 total)

REED, Charles H., Col. (2)(3), Group Commanding Officer
BENKOSKY, Stephen W., Lt. Col. (3), Executive Officer
HARGIS,, Thomas B., Maj. (2), S-3
YOUNG, William J., Maj. (3), S-4
LIKES, John L., Maj. (2), S-2
FRASER, Alexander G., Capt. (3), Asst. S-2 & Liaison Officer
BRANDENBURG, Roy E., Capt., Asst. S-3 & Orientation Officer
STEWART, Thomas M., Capt. (3), Asst. Communication Officer
KLINE, Eugene P., Capt., Asst. S-3
HIGGINS, John S., Capt., Communication Officer
KALWAIC, Henry J., Capt., Dental Officer
THURWACTER, Charles N., Capt., Dental Officer
McGRAW, Harvey D., Capt., Protestant Chaplain
GALLIVAN, George P., Capt., Catholic Chaplain
SMITH, William H., Capt., Special Service Officer

2d Cav Rcn Sqdn
EASTON, Walter J., Lt. Col. (3), Squadron Commander
KING, Kenneth A., Maj. (1), Oper Tng Officer
WYLES, Eben R., Maj. (3), Executive Officer
ENGLEBRIGHT, Roland W., Capt. (3), Intelligence Officer
MAYFIELD, John A., Capt. (1), Mtr Trans Officer
STEINMETZ, Rollin T. Jr., Capt. (2)(3), Sup & Evac Officer
STEVENSON, Howard A., Capt., Asst Oper Tng Officer
BOYER, Richard F., 1st Lt., Adjutant
STEINBACH, Reynolds M., 1st Lt, Liaison Officer
GREGORY, Virgil E., CWO, Asst Mtr Trans Officer
DeKONINCK, Albert C., WOJG, Asst Sup & Evac Officer
GLADSON, James E., Capt., Medical Officer
LONDON, Daniel, Capt., Medical Officer

42d Cav Rcn Sqdn
HILL, William A., Lt. Col., Squadron Commander
PITMAN, James H., Maj. (1)(3), Executive Officer
WHITE, Gerry L., Maj., S-3
SHROYER, Maurice J., Capt., S-4
LAMBERT, Arthur L., Capt. (3), S-2
VERRY, Elon S., 1st Lt. (2), S-1
RYAN, Jeremiah C., 1st Lt., Liaison Officer
BORDERS, William W., CWO, Personnel Officer
SCOTT, Seymour B., Capt., Communication Officer
PIZZUTI, Charles A., WO, Asst. Supply Officer
WATSON, Chessir, Capt., Sq. Motor Officer
MICLOW, Anthony, WOJG (2), Asst. Motor Officer
COREN, Malvin M., Capt., MC
ROANE, Robert D., Capt., MC

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