These manuals are in pdf format, and can be viewed here or downloaded to your computer to save them. Some of the files are rather large, and may take several minutes to open or download on a dial-up connection.

FM 2-5 Cavalry Drill Regulations, Horse

FM 2-6 Crew Drill Light Armored Car M8

FM 2-7 Cavalry Drill Regulations, Mechanized

FM 2-10 Cavalry Field Manual Mechanized Elements

FM 2-15 Cavalry Field Manual Employment of Cavalry

FM 2-20 Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop Mechanized

FM 2-30 Cavalry Mechanized Reconnaissance Squadron

FM 5-5 Engineer Troops

FM 5-15 Field Fortifications

FM 5-20 Camouflage Basic Principles

FM 5-20A Camouflage of Individuals and Infantry Weapons

FM 5-20B Camouflage of Vehicles

FM 5-20C Camouflage of Bivouacs, Command Posts, Supply Points, and Medical Installations

FM 5-20D Camouflage of Field Artillery

FM 6-20 Field Artillery, Tactical Employment

FM 6-65 Field Artillery Service of the Piece 75-MM Gun, M1917A1, Truck Drawn

FM 6-75 Field Artillery Manual Service of the Piece 105-MM Howitzer, M2, Truck Drawn

FM 6-150 Organic Field Artillery Air Observation

FM 8-5 Medical Field Manual Mobile Units of the Medical Department

FM 8-10 Medical Service of Field Units

FM 8-35 Transportation of the Sick and Wounded

FM 8-50 Bandaging and Splinting

FM 8-55 Medical Field Manual Reference Data

FM 9-5 Ordnance Service in the Field

FM 9-6 Ammunition Supply

FM 9-10 Ordnance Field Maintenance

FM 10-63 Graves Registration

FM 11-22 Signal Operations in the Corps and Army

FM 17-5 Armored Force Drill

FM 17-10 Armored Force Tactics and Technique

FM 17-12 Tank Gunnery

FM 17-15 Combat Practice Firing Armored Units

FM 17-15B Combat Practice Firing Armored Units

FM 17-20 Employment of Armored Units, Reconnaissance Platoon and Company

FM 17-22 Reconnaissance Battalion

FM 17-25 Assault Gun Section and Platoon

FM 17-27 81MM Mortar Squad

FM 17-30 Tank Platoon

FM 17-50 Armored Force Field Manual and Logistics

FM 17-59 Armored Force Field Decontamination of Armored Force Vehicles

FM 17-63 Armored Force Field Manual Service of the Piece 105MM Howitzer Self-Propelled

FM 17-68 Armored Crew Drill, Light Tank M5 Series

FM 17-69 Armored Command Field Manual Crew Drill, Service of the Piece, and Gunnery 75MM Assault Howitzer on Motor Carriage M8

FM 17-71 Armored Command Crew Drill for Half-Track Vehicles

FM 18-5 Tactical Employment Tank Destroyer Unit

FM 18-5B Organization and Tactics of Tank Destroyer Units

FM 18-15 Tank Destroyer Drill and Crew Drill 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10, 76MM Gun Motor Carriage T70 3-Inch Towed Gun (Gun M5 and Carriage M1)

FM 18-18 Crew Drill, Gun Motor Carriage, M36

FM 18-20 Tactical Employment of Tank Destroyer Platoon Self-Propelled

FM 18-21 Tank Destroyer Towed Gun Platoon

FM 18-22 Tank Destroyer Reconnaissance Platoon

FM 18-24 Tank Destroyer Pioneer Platoon

FM 20-15 Tents and Tent Pitching

FM 21-5 Military Training

FM 21-6 List of Publications for Training 1944

FM 21-7 List of Training Films, Film Strips, and Film Bulletins

FM 21-10 Military Sanitation

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-20 Physical Training

FM 21-25 Basic Field Manual Elementary Map and Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-26 Advanced Map and Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-30 Basic Field Manual Conventional Signs, Military Symbols, and Abbreviations

FM 21-40 Basic Field Manual Defense Against Chemical Attack

FM 21-100 Soldiers Handbook

FM 23-7 Basic Field Manual U. S. Carbine Caliber .30, M1

FM 23-10 Basic Field Manual U. S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1903

FM 23-15 Basic Field Manual Browning Automatic Rifle Caliber .30, M1918A2

FM 23-25 Basic Field Manual Bayonet, M1905

FM 23-30 Basic Field Manual Browning Automatic Rifle, Calber .30, M1918 Without Tripod

FM 23-35 Basic Field Manual Automatic Pistol Caliber .45, M1911 and M1911A1

FM 23-75 Basic Field Manual 37MM Gun, M1916

FM 23-80 Basic Field Manual 37MM Gun, Tank, M5 Mounted in Tanks

FM 23-81 37MM Gun, Tank M6 Mounted in Tanks

FM 23-95 75MM Tank Gun M2 Mounted in Medium Tank M3

FM 24-5 Signal Communication

FM 24-20 Field Wire Systems

FM 25-7 Pack Transportation

FM 25-10 Motor Transport

FM 28-5 The Band

FM 30-30 Military Intelligence, Identification of U. S. Government Aircraft

FM 30-34 Military Intelligence, Identification of Soviet-Russian Aircraft

FM 30-35 Military Intelligence, Identification of German Aircraft

FM 30-40 Recognition, Pictorial Manual, Armored Vehicles

FM 30-41 Military Intelligence Identification of British Armored Vehicles

FM 30-42 Basic Field Manual Military Intelligence Identification of Foreign Armored Vehicles German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and French

FM 31-15 Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold

FM 44-2 Employment of Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons

FM 44-4 Employment of Antiaircraft Artillery Guns

FM 70-10 Mountain Operations

FM 70-15 Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold

FM 100-5 Field Service Regulations, Operations

FM 100-10 Field Service Regulations Administration

FM 100-20 Command and Employment of Air Power

FM 101-10 Staff Officers’ Field Manual Organization, Technical and Logistical Data

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