G-Day, Sunday, 24 February 1991

KuwaitLibThe original plan for this day called for the Regiment to rake a Limited advance to PL BUSCH and hold there until G+1, while Marines and allied forces attacked into Kuwait. As coalition forces attacked across the front, however, resistance began folding and Iraqi forces surrendered in large numbers.

The success of coalition attacks accelerated the Corps schedule. With Second and Third Squadrons along PL BUSCH, Corps ordered the attack to continue at 1430 hours. Thus began an exciting afternoon as the Regiment moved over 40 kilometers, taking hundreds of prisoners.<

In the course of the advance Fourth and Third Squadron received some small arms fire. Lightning Troop, in fact, fought nine fire-fights guarding the Regimental flank during the day and into the evening. Fox Troop exchanged fire with an enemy platoon and then accepted its surrender. Generally, there was little resistance.

By early evening, lead scouts of the Regiment had reached Objectives MERRELL and FEUCHT with the main bodies of the lead squadrons generally along PL DIXIE. First Squadron deployed to cover the Regiment’ s exposed right flank. Close air support on Objectives MERRELL and FEUCHT prompted the surrender of hundreds of prisoners throughout the night. First Platoon of Fox Troop reported taking a battalion’ s worth of prisoners. Second Squadron also captured an Iraqi lieutenant colonel, the Assistant Division Artillery Commander from 261D, who provided significant intelligence.

EPWs became a problem as they overwhelmed squadrons’ holding capacities. Attached EPW teams from 214th MP Company (Alabama ARNG, attached to the Regiment) were kept busy all night consolidating and interrogating them. Squadrons continued to engage targets with mortars and artillery. 2-1 Aviation (Apache attack helicopters OPCON from 1AD) attacked across the FLOT at 0130 hrs and engaged troops, bunkers, and buildings.

Third ACR on the left (west) matched our advance while 1st ID penetrated enemy obstacles and defenses on our right. During the night the 1AD and 3AD moved up to assume a 12 to 15 kilometer interval behind the Regiment’ s rear elements.

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