KuwaitLibSaudiThe Regiment spent the next weeks in Kuwait backing up the rest of the Corps and destroying abandoned enemy equipment. The presence of thousands of unexploded bombs and shells, hundreds of deserted Iraqi vehicles and of numerous burning oil wells made Kuwait an unpleasant and inhospitable place. In March the Second Dragoons moved west to AA VIRGINIA in Iraq and, after a week of recovery and preparation, marched north to the Euphrates River Valley to perform another security mission for VII Corps.

The Cease Fire Line ran south of the river. Civil war raged throughout the valley as the Regiment relieved elements of the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions on the screen line. The mission was to observe a 90 mile stretch of the Line, assuring that Saddam’ s forces stayed out of the US-controlled zone and apprehending individual Iraqi soldiers deserting to the south.

With the screen mission came the responsibility for relieving the misery of thousands of refugees in the area. Women and children, many of them with gunshot wounds, flooded Med Troop from the first day of the relief in sector. Draft aged men also fled As-Samawah, An-Nasiriyah and Suk as Shuyuk. Troopers of the Regiment handled themselves with great poise and compassion under these difficult circumstances. They documented numerous Iraqi violations of the Cease Fire terms including artillery fire near their own positions. They also showed firm US presence in the area and protected Shiite refugees from pursuit and murder by the thugs of the Iraqi Army.

Operations in Southwest Asia ended for the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment on 7 April. The Fourth Brigade, First Infantry Division relieved the Second Dragoons of the screening mission on that date and the Regiment began a 200 mile march to the Rear Assembly Area near King Khalid Military City in Saudi Arabia. From that location, the Regiment initiated its redeployment operations which returned it to Germany by 26 April.

Even now, the full extent of the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment’ s achievements in the gulf war is being expanded, reviews are being conducted and reports written. Nonetheless, the story’ s essential elements are clear: the 2d ACR led the VII Corps in a highly successful, well executed, violent attack against a well equipped and prepared enemy. The success of our plan and its execution are evidenced by the quick collapse of Iraqi resistance and the destruction of the Republican Guards, the operational center of gravity of the Iraqi armed forces. Second ACR has continued its proud history of service to the Army and the American people, proving once again that it is Always Ready … Toujours Pret!

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  1. I think 1st engr bn was at some moment attach with you . I’m looking for SGT Morales he was a cook. we give support to the tankers

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