Regimental Punch And Ceremony

To the Regimental Punch Bowl add one bottle each of:
Cold Duck ( Champagne and Red Wine )
Rye Whiskey
Southern Comfort
Bacardi’s Rum
Vieux Bordeaux
Napoleon Brandy
Rhine Wine
Evian Water
Two Sharp’s Non-Alcoholic Beers

The Regimental punch bowl ceremony is a time honored tradition within the 2d Dragoons. The Regimental punch, a term used to describe the elixir that is somewhat tasty, always potent and able to be served in a variety of capacities (both in liquid and solid form). The ceremony traditionally begins formal Regimental social functions such as Balls, Dining Ins and Dining Outs.

The Regimental punch is a substantive brew of proven medicinal value. It has warmed many a cold trooper on the screen and picket line, and inspired him to feats of glory. It cures what ails you, and in a pinch it is an effective bore cleaner for our cannons, lubricant for our vehicles or propellants for our missiles. True Cavalrymen maintain a base for the punch in their homes at all times.

The punch is prepared using very specific ingredients that represent the many battles and campaigns that lace the rich history of the 2d Dragoons. Each ingredient reminds us of those who have gone before us, and the responsibility we have to continue the superb service to our nation. This service has gone uninterrupted since 1836.

The 2d Cavalry Regiment was organized as the 2d Regiment of Dragoons in 1836 to fight the Seminole Indians in Florida. The Dragoons wore an eight pointed star as a cap ornament, which now forms the background of the Regimental Crest. The palmetto leaf superimposed on the star symbolizes the five years the Dragoons fought in the Everglades and swamps. Pour one-half bottle of Champagne and Red Wine over dry ice in commemoration of their baptism in battle.

One year after the Seminole Campaign, units of the Regiment added three more streamers to the Dragoon banner for battles against the Cheyennes, Nez Perces and Bannocks in the Southwest Territories. Pour Rye Whiskey over the dry ice to symbolize the taste for this drink which the troopers developed. Add Tequila for the fourteen campaigns fought in Mexico in 1846 and ’47.

Kahlua is added for Captain May’s headlong charge into the blazing Mexican artillery at Resaca de la Palma. “Remember your Regiment, and follow your officers!” called Captain May, and it became the motto of the Regiment.

During the Civil War, the 2d Dragoons officially became the 2d U.S. Cavalry Regiment and earned 14 battle streamers. The names remind us of the tremendous sacrifice of life of some of our nation’s toughest battles. These include Fredricksburg, Antitiem, Chancelorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Manassas, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. Sergeant Conrad Schmidt saved the life of his gravely wounded commander, Captain Rodenbough (a Medal of Honor recipient), at the battle of Winchester. At this time add Southern Comfort to the punch.

From 1866 to 1880, the Regiment once again did battle with the Indians in Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, and the Little Big Horn. In memory of this, add the last of the Champagne and Red Wine.

In 1898 the “2d Cav” entered the Spanish American War, fighting alongside Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. Now add Bacardi’s Rum to represent the streamer for Santiago.

The Regiment entered World War I and was the only unit to fight as Cavalry — horses and all. For such places as the Argonne and the Marne, add the French wine, Vieux Bordeaux. “Toujours Pret!” (Always Ready) was added to the Crest as well as the Fleur-de-lis.

Renamed the 2d Cavalry Group, Mechanized, the Regiment entered World War II, landing at Normandy in 1944, and led the advance of Patton’s Third Army throughout the remainder of the war. In a daring raid through Russian lines in the closing days of the war, troopers from the Regiment rescued the famous Lipizzaner show horses from Russian forces. For these actions, now pour Napoleon Brandy.

The next campaign liquor put to use in this historical punch, Vodka, represents the Ryukyus battle fought at the close of World War II.

The Regiment was re-designated the 2d Constabulary Regiment and served in the German occupation. In 1948, it became the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment and began border duty along the longest stretch of the Iron Curtain patrolled by American Forces. Rhine Wine symbolizes the Central Europe campaign, the drive through Germany, and the long Cold War.

The next ingredient to add to your historical punch is that which sustained the fighting spirit and elan of the Regiment during its combat in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait — Evian Water.

Flexibility and versatility are trademarks of the Second Dragoons, and the Regiment once again proved it in Haiti. As a member of the Multi-National Task Force, the Regiment had driven more accident-free miles, ate more dust and drank less beer than any other unit in recent memory. To commemorate our Haitian experience and the “two beer limit,” add 2 Sharp’s Non-Alcoholic Beers.

Responding once again to the Nation’s call, the Regiment deployed to the Balkans as part of the Stabilization Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In honor of our Balkan peace keepers, a bottle of Slivovitz (Plum Brandy) is added to the mix as the final ingredient.

Now for the hardest job of all — to drink this punch!!!

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