The following versus are based upon a real occurrence from the 2nd Cavalry.

Friday evening, after stables, the sergeant passed the word
That inspection would be mounted, such a “roaring” as was heard,
For the captain was a “corker.” When he looked you in the eye,
You’ ld wish you were a “doughboy,” if he asked the reason why.

O’ Grady had a coat sleeve, he stuffed it full of hay,
Then strapped on the pommel in the regulation way;
Said he: “I’ ll show ye’ s ‘ rookies,’ by the vartue ov me oath,
I’ ll bluff this on the ‘ old man’ as me ‘ shoved up’ overcoat.”

Next morning, at inspection, when the captain took the troop,
He “went” for “coffee coolers” from the nose unto the croop.
Said he: “Look at O’ Grady.” A smile he never “cracked.”
“That’ t the way the saddles of this troop hereafter must be packed.”

“Ride to the front and center; show this lazy, shiftless crew,
The way to pack an overcoat as soldiers ought to do.”
O’ Grady took his pack off in a hesitating way
And emptied out the coat sleeve stuffed with quartermaster’ s hay.

Then such tearing, and such rearing, and such language as was there,
The chills ran up and down my back, my hat stood on my hair,
For the captain “put it to him” with a vim and with a will–
Now O’ Grady’ s digging ditches while he’ s holding down the “mill.”
Fort Sheridan, March 21, 1903.

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