Secrets of the Cold War by Lee McCaslin

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From an Armor chapter… our orders were – if something got in our way, to either run over it or blow it out of the way!!

I graduated from Armored Officers Basic 69-1 at Knox. I recently wrote this NF book about the Cold War, SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR, and was trying to get the word out about it to Veteran’s groups. Can order from Amazon for a Christmas present for yourself or others (can order gift wrapped). Spread the word to your friends about this book.
Thanks, Lee.

Help me preserve the Germany Cold War era of American History. At a recent book signing, I asked a college student what the Cold War was, and she said, I have no idea but it must have been fought in the winter. No joke!

I wrote SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR – NF and it was published and released last month and adds to the body-of-knowledge of the Cold War in Germany. I was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany and was the Chief Security Branch and Command Security Manager in the Intelligence apparatus (DCSI) for US Army Europe for 16 years at the height of the Cold War in Germany.

(Book cleared, security-wise by the US Army in Pre-pub security reviews.)
The book’s about most all aspects of Army Intelligence / Counterintelligence during the Cold War, in Germany. I wrote the majority of the book, but it has guest writers from former SP4 to 4 star General Officer, mainly US but also UK and French Allies. It also has chapters or segments on Armor units, Paratroopers, the Berlin Duty Train, White Hats (MPs), terrorist attacks told by Generals, USMLM, sanitized espionage cases, SETAF, The Russian Hot Line, Helicopter and Army fixed wing segments and travels in Europe. It’s exciting!

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Francis Gary Powers, Jr., His dad was shot down in the U2 spy plane. He is the founder of The Cold War Museum, and said: Well written and informative, the book is a magnificent assessment of the Cold War history. McCaslin put the importance of Intelligence and Counterintelligence during the Cold War into clear perspective.

Four star General Frederick J. Kroesen, former Commander – in – Chief of US Army Europe, wrote my foreword and said among other things: Given the criticism, bad news and alleged malfeasance’s associated with our intelligence services during the past decade, it is most refreshing to find a book relating a far different story. This volume reflects what we can do when the mission is clear and the resources are committed.

Scholarly Review – Dr. Rhonda Parker, Professor and Chair of Communication Studies at Samford University stated: …you do a good job of narrating history and my evaluation of these chapters is quite positive – you take me back to a place and time about which too little is known, which makes the information both valuable and intriguing. It’s just very strong. It’s ready. Congratulations!

Peers in this Field

– So Very Exciting! Having great interest in the political and military struggles and intelligence work of today, it only makes sense to further investigate some of the inner workings of intelligence activity of the recent past. It’s amazing to read the first hand accounts of some of these real world activities!!! Thank you Mr. McCaslin for your service!

– I’ve already read it cover to cover. As a former Counterintelligence Special Agent and German linguist who spent three-plus years in Nurnberg working Counter-espionage cases, it brought back many memories. I genuinely enjoyed the book.

– My first assignment in the Army of the 60s was in an Armored Division headquarters near Stuttgart (4th Armored Div) and my recollection of the monthly intel briefings and that everyone has a responsibility to be aware of the surroundings whether on post or off. I returned to Germany almost thirty years later as a civilian (GS) and the warnings hadn’t really changed except for the terminology and some computer related issues. Lee McCaslin does a great job relating his time in Berlin and Heidelberg at the Headquarters of US Army Europe. My recommendation is that the book be required for all Intel officers, NCOs and civilians assigned to intel units worldwide. Perhaps when more declassifications occur, Lee McCaslin can issue either a sequel or second edition with deleted information.

– Great read a detailed account on the activities of the cold war operators not an easy job and this book describes what took place by people directly involved, any one in Berlin from 1945-1990 will find this book interesting. (UK Comment)

Publisher, Containing a host of first-person accounts that lift the lid on previously untold clandestine activities, this is a major contribution to Cold War history, and exciting reading for all those who have an interest in the real-life world of military intelligence, counterintelligence and espionage.

US Senator Richard Shelby, from Alabama stated among other things: First, I would like to extend my most esteemed congratulations for your becoming a published author. This is a feat to which many aspire but few achieve.

An Excerpt from the prologue: “What was the Cold War?” a young lad asked his Dad. The father explained to his son and then later told me about the question. The young boy’s question pulled me into memories of the Cold War. Faded images of spies, terrorists, and the Berlin Wall flashed through my mind.

Book Signing, Pentagon City Borders, Feb. 26th, 2011 – 2-5PM.

– Former MI 1LT
– Retired Army Civil Service, GS14
B.S., Mississippi State University
M.Ed., Boston University

Leland McCaslin
(Helion & Company Ltd-UK) (Casemate – US)
ISBN13: 9781906033910 ISBN10: 1906033919

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